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KDS Risk Management is a dynamic supplier of risk mitigation and security solutions who go to extensive lengths to ensure we fully understand the requirements of our customer. Our experience is drawn from the UK military, leading businesses, and Government and Intelligence Services. We fuse this skill base into a team which understands the translation of the requirement into the commercial environment.

This understanding combined with our infrastructure allows us to conduct operations of a highly professional and discreet nature in the most challenging of environments.

Our key components are exceptional personnel, a fusion of intelligence sources, cultural and tactical appreciation and analysis, world leading logistics and operation centre, and robust and tested contingency planning.

This innovative approach of mixing technology with talent has allowed us to approach a range of risk and security situations, which we categorise as Physical, Technical and Information.

In a world full of potential security risks, corporations, international organisations, families and individuals face varying degrees of fear, uncertainty and doubt. That is why every KDS approach is bespoke. A detailed security and risk assessment allows KDS to identify, quantify and manage all possible threats. The resulting security strategy is managed by highly-qualified KDS operatives, each of whom is carefully selected for their personal attributes, as well as their professional expertise.

KDS vets and trains all personnel beyond industry best practice and accreditation.

Why use KDS?

Our understanding

We understand risks to people, infrastructure, products / services, processes and ultimately reputation. We work in partnership with our clients to protect these assets in line with their company ethos.

Our integrity

We always provide independent and objective advice. Our autonomy is our greatest strength and we will provide what we believe is the best for our client without compromise. If we are not able to provide that then we will not.

Our professionalism

We will recruit the very best consultants and practitioners available and provide our clients with the most reliable and professional of services. Our delivery will be the most professional and expedient. We can work autonomously, with confidence and to maximum capacity, anywhere, at any time.

Our discretion

We will always respect our clients’ position and operate with the utmost client confidentiality. Confidentiality is at the core of our business and ensures we provide the highest standards of service. Integrity and honesty are at the heart of business.

Our expertise

We can deploy assets promptly worldwide to support our clients’ needs and facilitate their project requirements. Our company structure and experience base allow us to provide a local insight on a global basis.

Our diversity

We cover personal security, security operations, logistics and life support, construction and training. We offer a unique service for all security requirements by providing our clients with a turnkey solution.

Our response time

KDS is able to deploy its personnel anywhere in the world on short notice to support clients’ needs. We are also able to provide information on a situation or area quickly and accurately.

Our reputation

KDS is known for leadership, innovation and being industry leaders for our technology driven approach to security.

Our commitment

Our clients are our greatest assets, and KDS is committed to providing the most effective and reliable security operations. KDS believes that long-term success is achieved by delivering consistent, measurable results and value to its clients.

Operational areas

We have assisted clients from multiple sectors including:



Financial Services


Oil and Gas


KDS for International Organisations

Achieve aims without obstruction

NGOs, international organisations and charities face complex challenges when operating in foreign environments. Poor security can jeopardise staff morale, safety in-the-field and the reputation of organisations. KDS tailors solutions that protect organisations without hindering their overall objectives.

A bespoke approach to achieve positive outcomes

Every country and culture requires different considerations. The KDS security and risk assessment provides up-to-the-minute alerts on potential risks and threats as they arise. In formulating a robust security plan, close attention to detail must be paid to the organisational aims, along with the specific client objectives, and activity must be compatible with the local and legal framework.

The resulting security approach is evidence-informed, culturally sensitive and legally compliant. This keeps people and reputations safe in the most challenging of environments, which frees organisations to concentrate on their core objectives on the ground.

KDS can provide international close personal protection, compound security, due diligence, surveillance, supply line and critical infrastructure protection.

KDS understands the many security risks that face businesses and how to protect what matters most: profitability, reputation and competitive advantage.

A KDS security and risk assessment ensures that intelligent analysis, attention to detail, and careful practice underpin every bespoke security strategy; from the protection of data to personal security. This in-depth consultation and resulting report allows KDS and the client to collaboratively identify, manage and eliminate potential and real threats.

Assessments may include the evaluation of government and residential buildings, business premises, ports, airports, areas of critical infrastructure other public arenas, as well as travel itineraries, transport options and logistics.

Security Consultancy

KDS supply close protections teams with the ability to operate within challenging and demanding environments. Team compositions range from all expatriate-staffed teams to full local national teams, or a combination of both depending on threat, client requirements and budget.

Our capabilities include:

Personal protection

High specification fully armoured vehicles both covert and high profile

Certified armed escorts trained to the highest standards

Satellite tracking and communications.

Protective Security Detail (PSDs)

KDS provides comprehensive solutions to identify, reduce, and resolve exceptional risks in complex environments.

KDS supplies security expertise, management, manpower and consultancy services to multinational clients seeking to minimise risk to their personnel, assets and reputation therefore transforming risk into opportunity.

The SRA assessments identify and isolate risks and vulnerabilities by quantifying threat to the particular needs of the client.

SRA assessment results in a carefully ordered report, which clarifies the identified risks and provides solutions so they are managed, reduced or eliminated.

SRA assessments can be static (i.e. at a particular point in time) or can be rolling, so that risk management is a matter of constant review and adjustment.

Security & Risk Assessment (SRA)

Our team has expertise in risk mitigation and discrete operations at the very highest military levels and have experience operating in the world’s most hostile environments.

This enables KDS Risk to have an extensive and intimate understanding of what the client needs and gives us the ability to offer a truly bespoke service, which is unique in its depth and quality.

KDS Risk provides a specialised Journey Management service that mitigates the risk of loss and enables our clients to have peace of mind and security in there endeavours whatever their context; wherever they are in the world.

This is delivered through a range of personalised security packages, which cover three main areas:

Pre-travel – detailed risk analysis, advice, security plan and training

● On the ground – physical protection, local assets and MEDIVAC

Technology – 24-hour GPS tracking, 24-hour response centre, live situation reports and geo fencing.

Journey Management

KDS Risk provides security to the maritime industry and Oil and Gas sectors with offshore and inshore assets, infrastructure and employee protection from piracy, theft and violent crime. We build our reputation on a strong code of ethics and a commitment to provide the greatest in anti-piracy solutions.

All of our operation team members are exceptionally well-trained individuals with considerable experience in providing a wide-ranging maritime security capability. These proficient teams are then complimented by the use of state of the art security equipment and a dedicated 24-hour operations and intelligence team located in the UK.

Maritime Security

We have the technology and expertise to monitor, assess, calculate pirate movements, identify any potential threats and evaluate piracy trends throughout the world.

We continually monitor the threat and feed this valuable information to client vessels and security teams at sea.

This accurate maritime intelligence enables KDS Risk to provide a superior transit protection through the high-risk areas.

Information is obtained through actual on the scene reporting by our teams on the ships as well as open sources including the UK Maritime Trade Office and the NATO Shipping Centre.

Maritime Intelligence

KDS Risk’s experienced consultants are able to provide a comprehensive security risk assessment of a port whilst in the design phase or for a fully operational Port. We review all aspects of Port Security, including implementation of the ISPS code and CSI initiatives.

With established methodology KDS Risk provides bespoke advice and supervision on the enhancement of Port security measures, environments and resources needed. This approach considers the people, processes and systems, and all future business requirements.

A security assessment would include:

Review of all elements of the Port Security Best Practice

Security and Risk Management

Vulnerability assessments and control measures

Access control, monitor, detection and surveillance performances

Standards for fencing, intrusion alarms and CCTV systems

Inspection and handling of cargo

Personnel checking

Security training, awareness programmes.

Port Security Assessments

Once an assessment of needs have been established, KDS Risk will assist clients with the development of policy, procedures, health and safety and deployment of a training programs to ensure highly trained personnel. This is complimented by the latest technology.

KDS Risk has a broad knowledge in the design and implementation of tailor-made security solutions and can work closely with contraction teams to guarantee the technical security solutions are suitable for the location and environment in which it is placed.

We have has experience in the planning and installation of the following technologies:

● Lightweight floating surveillance platforms

● Security fencing

● Perimeter protection systems

● Security lighting

● Underwater detection systems.

Installation & Deterrence

KDS Risk works with commercial service airports regarding a multitude of security and operational issues. This includes extensive leadership experience in Airport Operations and Public Safety and Security and has provided guidance and coordination of aviation security policy on national and international levels.

We monitor the latest changes in all areas of aviation security, especially developments in new technology. Our experienced aviation security consultants provide expert advice to government agencies worldwide, including advising on security-in-design to architects and airport planners.

Our services include:

● Security surveys & risk assessments

Passenger screening

Aircraft guarding

Perimeter patrolling

Hold baggage screening

Cargo screening

● Aircraft search

● Weapons handling and training.

Aviation Security

Capacity and capability specialist training

We are a UK-based leading supplier of training, consultancy and technical solutions to the security industry and provide overseas training consultancy and implementation of training to meet our clients’ needs for capacity or capability. From large multinationals to government contracts.

Hostile awareness and environmental training

Tailored to meet the needs of any individual or organisation, whose intention is to work or operate in a hostile environment.

The course is aimed to improve valuable situational awareness, which is vital when working or operating within a high risk, hostile or foreign environment.

Our exercise management provides near to life scenarios and specialist ‘role players’ allows for familiarity of operating in hostile environments in a controlled setting.

Training & Awareness

KDS promote technology. We believe in investing heavily in technology and this ethos allows us unparalleled access to the best in the marketplace, often before it is available on the commercial market.

This technology includes:







Not every contract is the same and every client has different demands.

Building and maintaining strong relationships allows KDS to offer services in sectors most PSCs cannot deliver.

KDS attracts and retains the best-in-industry; our people are at the top of their game. This team has clear leadership, works within a compliance framework and is supported by an extensive library of policies, procedures, guidance, templates and training materials.

Comfortable in their core risk mitigation role, KDS people are assured in their service delivery and focused on supporting their clients’ requirements.

We have access to a unique personnel database of over 5,000 former members of the Armed Forces which allows us to match key skill sets to specific task requirement from a pool of SC and DV staff.

Tailor-made Solutions


Strategic Partnerships

Key partnerships give KDS access to the latest technology and techniques enabling us to provide a comprehensive range of services. These services are supported by gathering and analysing intelligence, by examining every assignment with practised insight, and by applying the partnerships experience and infrastructure.

Professional Associations


ADS is the premier trade organisation advancing the UK Aerospace, Defence, Security and Space industries.


Royal United Services Institute

The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) is an independent think tank engaged in cutting edge defence and security research. A unique institution, founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, RUSI embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters.


ASIS International

ASIS International is the pre-eminent organization for security professionals, with more than 38,000 members worldwide. Founded in 1955, ASIS is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and productivity of security professionals by developing educational programs and materials that address broad security interests, such as the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, as well as specific security topics. ASIS also advocates the role and value of the security management profession to business, the media, government entities, and the public.


Security in Complex Environments Group

The Security in Complex Environments Group (SCEG) is a Special Interest Group, within ADS, which was formed in January 2011 to define, develop and facilitate robust, internationally recognised professional standards for the UK Private Security Sector operating abroad. SCEG’s partnership with the UK Government is vital and provides a unique construct whereby an industry body has a sustained dialogue with government departments with opportunities to contribute to the debate, shape policies and influence international fora.

Our People

Sheikh Ryan Miteb HathalChairmanSheikh Ryan Miteb Hathal brings a wealth of experience from his businesses throughout the Middle East and his political experience in advising various senior politicians and members of the royal families from several countries in the region. His vision to help bring stability is strengthened by his unique knowledge of the particular sensitivities required when dealing with different ethnic and religious groups in the Middle East. He is dedicated to the progression and attainment of the company to its maximum potential.


Michael LipmanManaging DirectorMichael Lipman has extensive experience internationally and in the Middle-East working as a lawyer and commercial director. He brings a common sense and human approach to complex issues. He works closely with Government and industry leaders to identify their security needs and solutions. He is committed to growing the company by continuing to meet the highest standards in the sector.